Servant leadership is easy to understand but not easy to do.

But David Marquet knew how to put it into practice when he ”Turned the ship around”, the amazing story of how he empowered the crew on the USS submarine Santa Fé, which made them transform from ”worst to first” in the fleet. This is described in Davids’s book, Turn The Ship Around.

A powerful example was changing the language from command and control to sharing intent. And for the crew to go from asking for permission to stating intent. This transformed the culture onboard the Sant Fé. 

The source for the transformation was the language used. Language is at the heart of leadership. 

In his new book, Leadership is Language, which is released in February, David explores the power of leading with language. We can really recommend the book. If you want to learn more then David is visiting Crisp for a one day course and book signing event February the 20th.