Saxat ur bloggpost av Kenneth Ocklund på Aftonbladet som just har gått Scrumkurs med Henrik Kniberg:

I attended a Scrum Master course at Crisp last week. These are some of my reflections from that course (which I recommend by the way).

But first: why would I take a course on something I’ve been using for at least 5 years? I think it’s because I’ve seen so many shapes and sizes of Scrum/Agile that I’ve lost track of what was the idea from the beginning. Sometimes I feel that something is missing in our Agile processes at AB. I wanted to know: Are we doing it wrong?

We did a simple exercise divided in teams at the course that illustrated this. Before doing the exercise we were asked to guess how much we could improve the simple task given to us. After 5 iterations of doing the task and holding a retrospective to improve the process we had surpassed our wildest guesses at least 100 times. One interesting observation is that the real breakthrough came when Kniberg said to the team: ”I know teams that improved X times!”. The team suddenly realised it’s really possible and we made radical changes that made the improvement rate jump up considerably. What would happen if we all had that feeling at work?

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