Evolvagility: Growing and Agile Leadership Culture from the Inside Out

In their effort to adapt to an increasingly complex and turbulent social, economic, technological, and business environment, organizations around the world are increasingly adopting some form of agility. And yet, as many are finding, agility is an organizational capability that goes far deeper than processes, structures, and behaviors. It is as much a way of thinking, and of being, as it is about doing. It is as much an inner capacity as it an outer one.

Evolvagility is a practical and systematic approach to growing such an inner agility. Drawing on research and insights from adult developmental psychology, relationship systems, executive coaching, and organization development, it leads us toward a deeper understanding of the very anatomy of human sensemaking, and how it impacts our capacity for effective and creative action. And, perhaps more importantly, Evolvagility provides a practical methodology with which we might increase the capacity of that inner sensemaking in order to help ourselves, and others, make sense of the complexity and ambiguity of the situations we increasingly find ourselves in as players in 21st Century organizational life.

Watch Mikael Hammans Evolvagility talk here.