Bonnitta Roy is an international award winning author, presenter and trainer. She is the creator of the OPO – Open Participatory Organization and Founder of APP Associates International. Her upcoming book ‘Our Future at Work’ can be previewed at Medium.

Bonnitta’s work is academically rigorous, but tailored to the practical needs of people and the challenges they face in their everyday organizational life. She is the author of the Open Participatory Manifesto, and the creator of the OPO templates and other innovations that support open participatory practices in organizations. Bonnitta catalyzes insight and capacity building in teams through a unique approach that draws on her mastery of energy cultivation (QIgong) and integrates it with modern research in neuroscience, cognitive development and consciousness. This work has been cited as a leading edge practice in several academic journals. Bonnitta also teaches a Masters Program in Consciousness Studies and specializes in coaching people who are entering post-formal ways of thinking.