How to reinvent work - Half day workshop, November 11 2016

This course has already been held.

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How to reinvent work – Half day workshop, November 11 2016

Agile Teamutveckling Ledarskap Enterprise
  Meet international author, speaker and creator of the Open Participatory Organization (OPO) – Bonnitta Roy. An OPO is an organization that will naturally evolve itself based on need, without having to use a manager hierarchy or an organizational chart. Decision making, governance and policies are all transparent, accessible for participation from any employee and allowed to emerge over time. The old structures of hierarchy, centralization and bureaucracy are breaking apart. Those who cannot break out of old habits will be left behind. Companies who do not adapt to new principles will fail. In this workshop we will outline and process the principles and practices that are innovating organizational life and some of the keys to liberate work:
  • Open architecture
  • Structures that learn
  • Values that connect
  • Governance that evolves
There are many books, stories and good ideas about reinventing organizations, but you might still find the idea challenging to understand and impossible to begin. Whether you are a start-up, an agile company looking to scale, or a large company wanting to become more agile – all  the practices you need are already available to you to break down the old rules, break out of the old habits, and begin today to shift from standard “shop talk” to having conversations that matter, to shift from competitive to collaborative practices, to shift from bored and accommodating or frustrated and reactive modes to engaged, enthusiastic and creative modes of working… What if all of this is actually in reach right now, just hidden in plain sight? Learn how to be confident and successful in creating workplaces where people can flourish and organizations can thrive.

Who this course is for

  • Are you a larger centralized organization, but want to become more agile?
  • Are you already agile, but are struggling with growth and how to scale?
  • Are you a startup that is growing fast, but concerned about losing your entrepreneurial spirit?
  • Are you starting up a new venture but are looking for ways to start up smarter?
  • Are you curious or already passionate about self-organization, but have been lacking a deep dive into all the why’s and what makes it really tick?
  • Are you inspired to build or transform into a ‘Teal’ organization, but don’t know how to get started practically?


  • Date: 2016-11-11
  • City: Stockholm
  • Language: English


DateNovember 11th 2016, 13:30- 17.30 (Light lunch from 12:45)
ParticipantsMax 25
VenueCrisp, Sveavägen 31, Stockholm
Price2800 SEK. The prices are excl. VAT, incl, light lunch and coffee, +46 8 556 950 15

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