The Differentiator in an Ever Faster Changing World

In a time where consumer behaviors are ever constantly evolving, your marketing must keep up. Social media have long since taken over traditional media as the preferred channel for consumers to learn and engage with your brand. Now that customers can switch to a competitor with the swipe of a finger, and the barriers to entry to start a company and to compete globally have so dramatically come down, your marketing and brand awareness become a key differentiator if you want to retain your edge . Not to mention the increased needs for Millennials to work in an environment where they can make a difference. How are you going to make ends meet? One key solution is Agile marketing.

In an ever faster changing world, Agile marketing can bring new opportunities to the table.

More time to create

Ever experienced huge peaks in workload around deadlines? And frustration and stress burning people out? Agile marketing will smooth out and lighten workloads, and reduce stress to boot. Through focus, faster learning and mission-enabled cross-functional teams, you get more time to create.

Cross-functional teams

By creating cross-functional teams with the skills needed to complete missions at arm’s length, you move faster, leverage brainpower and maximize learning. The single genius approach where one person thinks and the rest executes, is simply too slow to cope with the speed and information flow across multiple different channels and markets. While competence is key, marketing teams really need to do two things at once: increase competence and deliver creative content. Cross-functional teams are just the ticket.

Data-driven insights

Are you engaging your audience? Do your campaigns really matter? How do you know? Are you taking advantage of tailoring your message to your audience? The preponderance of social media creates new opportunities to learn from metrics and data before, during and after your campaigns. This can be used, for example, to tweak the message in a campaign in the very early phase, or to learn if your campaign delivered the desired business impact. The key takeaway is that you need analytical skills inside your marketing department; and those data-driven insights need to be taken seriously. Failure to leverage this will result in $$$ squandered on expensive marketing campaigns that fail to deliver.

Engage with audience through social media

Social media offer new and intriguing ways to engage with your audience. You can create interactive campaigns where your audience takes on challenges (and gets rewarded for them). A bold move could be to co-create the key message of the campaign with your audience. Marketing campaigns are no longer a ”launch and forget” affair. Instead, with social media, they should be an “engage, interact and learn” affair.

Companies like Telenor and Zalando have already taken advantage of the potential of Agile marketing tools. Isn’t it about time that you do too?


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