I’m an agile organizational coach with a lot of experience from businesses like e-commerce, cyber security, fintech, startups, etc.

I believe everyone has equal value and it’s important to respect each other, nature, and life itself. I respect knowledge and experience and I don’t like being controlled and told how to solve a task. It’s important to me that my values are in line with the higher purpose of what I do. When all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and I feel like I’m having fun, then I get that good feeling of harmony.

Professionally, I’m very multifaceted. Sometimes I work as an organizational and leadership coach and sometimes as an agile and team coach. I’m not afraid to take discussions and challenge the normal. The key to what I do is based on my love for people and their development.

As an organizational and leadership coach, I often work with managers, management teams, and management groups to support and coach them in, for example, coaching leadership and how they create psychological security in the workplace.

As an agile and team coach, I support and coach teams so that they can develop and become autonomous and constantly improve. Sometimes I coach individual teams but usually several teams at the same time as well as other more junior coaches.