Generative AI, when understood and applied correctly, will give you superpowers as a developer. 

Part 2 of this course is aimed at those who have finished Part 1 and are eager to go deeper and learn more. This is all about learning-by-doing, trying stuff out together and having discussions around specific topics and technical areas.

Find Part 1 here.

We strongly recommend attending Part 1 first. But if you already know about the topics we talked about in that course, and already have a working coding setup for OpenAI, then it is fine to sign up for Part 2.

Note: this is an onsite course in Stockholm. Find remote versions here.

Likely topics for part 2

We will start with a show ’n tell, where you optionally share what you’ve worked on since part 1, and what you’ve learned or struggled with.

The agenda after that will be fairly dynamic, depending on your questions and challenges. But likely some of these.

  • More on Embeddings, Vector DBs, and Memory Management.
  • Other LLMs than OpenAI / GPT
  • Other types of models, like text-to-speech, audio, video, etc.
  • Experiment with building autonomous agents, tools, function calling, and similar.
  • Experiment with fine-tuning.
  • Work on your own AI-powered projects, with help and support from Nils & Henrik and the other participants.
  • Discuss other possible applications for AI technology
  • (…or other topics that come up…)

What to write in the comment field when registering

  • If you are booking part 1 and part 2 in one go, write ”30% combo discount” in the comment (the discount applies to part 2). Note that these are separate registrations.
  • If you have attended part 1 earlier, please write ”I’ve attended part 1”.
  • If neither of the above apply, please attest in the comments field that you have experience in prompt engineering and have a working coding setup for OpenAI (you have at least gotten ”hello world” working….).

Who this course is for

This course is aimed at developers of all skill levels (you don’t need to be an expert). Bring a laptop. 


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