Do People Around You Waste Valuable Time And Energy NOT Taking Ownership For Obvious and Important Problems? 

Applied research over the last twenty-five years on the front lines of leadership about how personal responsibility works in the mind (how we avoid it and take it) now makes it possible for coaches and leaders to understand and teach the mental processes, language, and keys to personal responsibility.

Doing so inspires those around you to demonstrate far greater ownership behavior as individuals, and in teams and enterprises. You will add more value as your team or clients take ownership; practice self-leadership; and learn, correct, and improve more easily, directly, and quickly.

You will…

  • Learn what to do about the fact that accountability does not equal responsibility
  • Experience, play with, and validate your mind’s internal Responsibility Process
  • Learn how to invite and allow others to try on these lessons
  • Get insights about why giving advice is the weakest tool available to you

Past students say…

  • ”Christopher delivers outstanding, relevant, thought-provoking and timely information that will get you thinking differently about how to improve upon all aspects of your life!”
    -Cyndi McAlpine, Project Manager, Switchbox, Inc., Columbus, OH
  • ”Life changing experience in all domains! A must for all that have the intention to improve themselves.”
    -Jurgen De Smet, Agile Coach and Leader,, Belgium
  • ”This workshop will help you understand why you and people around you respond to problems the way they do. It will make it easier for you to challenge your own reactions and grow on a personal level. It will also make it easier for you to accept the way people around you respond. This model helps you to talk about your reactions and gives you an easy frame of reference that you can use to improve yourself and attain a higher level of personal freedom. It has become a key element of my path towards personal freedom and growth.”
    -Erik Talboom,, Belgium

Who this course is for

Team Leads, ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches, Project Managers, and professionals who work in teams to get things done.

Learning outcomes for this course

  • Tools, activities, and exercises you can use to continually improve your ability to take and teach ownership behavior
  • Understand why and how people avoid ownership, and why and how people take it
  • Experience, play with, and validate your mind’s internal Responsibility Process
  • Apply the 3 Keys to Responsibility for gaining mastery over your life
  • Evaluate and choose the basic tools to support your success practicing and teaching ownership behavior

Ultimately, you’ll get a handle on exactly how to gain that elusive self-empowerment you may be longing for.  You’ll find a practical path to authenticity without feeling pressured to do things that don’t feel right. Finally, you’ll be able to introduce sanity where insanity normally prevails.


No practical experience with Agile methods is necessary


This course has already been held.

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