Christopher is a sought-after, international speaker, author, and business advisor on responsible leadership, teamwork, and change for companies like GAP, Wells Fargo, and eBay. Known for his cutting-edge work to demystify and then develop practical team leadership skills for engineers and other technical professionals, Christopher wrote the popular classic Teamwork Is An Individual Skill for everyone who is fed up with working in bad teams. As the visionary force behind the worldwide Leadership Gift community, Christopher applies groundbreaking discoveries about personal responsibility and performance to support leaders intent on rapidly building highly reliable, agile, sustainable, and accelerating teams and cultures. Christopher is president of Partnerwerks Inc., the company he co-founded in 1991 to document best practices for collaborating under competitive conditions. He is an agile coach with Rally Software.

Christopher is also a Senior Consultant with the IT and Agile Project Management practices of the Cutter Consortium, a Boston-­‐area think tank. He co-authored the Declaration of Interdependence and co-founded the Agile Project Leadership Network dedicated to connecting, developing, and supporting great project leaders. Christopher earned his Doctorate in Communication of Technology from The University of Texas at Austin where he occasionally lectures. He is a Visiting Scholar at Capella University. The author of hundreds of articles and commentaries about individual and collective performance at work, Christopher is a popular source for the media.  


”This has to be the most impactful training we have done in the seven years of our existence” See the testimonial given by Tim at Christophers web site Tim Miller CEO, Rally Software

”Thanks for a great class! If I wanted to significantly improve my team’s performance, I’d call Christopher Avery first. Your knowledge of the field, extensive research, Responsibility Process™, and effective teaching style provide an unparalleled opportunity to create high-performance teams.” Jim Highsmith Sr. VP & Director, Agile Software Development, Cutter Consortium.

”Your training on how shared responsibility works in the mind of every human being and what to do about it to build powerful teams is the best I’ve ever seen. I thought I knew a lot about leading agile project teams before attending. Now I know so much more. This workshop, and especially the principles of the Responsibility Process™, have made a huge difference in my ability to orient and lead teams that deliver results, in my agile software development consulting practice, and in my life. Thank you Christopher for investing your life in understanding and teaching this information.” Ashley Johnson Co-Founder, Gemba Systems , Dallas, Texas