It was the day after launch.
You were so excited to finally have pushed the button. You had been working hard for months and you were thrilled to show the world the fruit of your labor. And then, trouble started. Customers were unhappy, stakeholders were furious, team morale sank.

This story is not uncommon. Perhaps you have experienced it yourself? 

This two-day course will give you the tools and methods you need to avoid the above mentioned scenario. You will learn how to build the right product, meaning a product that solves customers’ problems, drives business results and is technically feasible. 

What you will learn

During these two days you will receive toolbox of a broad range of methods and tactics. You will work with a case study. Together with your team you will create a startup — from soup to nuts. In your team, you will conduct user research, map customer journeys, write and test hypotheses, design and test prototypes — the steps to take to find the right problem to solve and to create the right solution

Below are some examples of content/exercises we will go through:

  • Roles within a Product Discovery team
  • Examples from companies who successfully work with Product Discovery
  • Tools to define business models
  • Techniques to interview customers
  • Sketching exercises and exercises to generate ideas
  • How to write and test hypotheses
  • Prototyping tools to test solutions
  • User testing
  • And much more

Who this course is for

The course is tailored to anyone working in a digital product development team such as Product Owners/Managers, Designers and Engineers.

There are no prerequisites. 


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