What do your customers really want?

Is this a question that you often ask yourself, but you’re struggling to answer? Are you perhaps troubled by the fact that you’re not innovating enough? Or, worst case, it takes too long to come up with new solutions — and — when you launch something, you find out that customers didn’t even want it?

I can help.

I coach organizations and teams to make awesome products for their customers, products that are viable (we make money), feasible (we can build it) and desirable (customers want it). This sometimes mean that we explore a new market opportunity together, innovate around an existing product or define processes to amp up your creative powers.

The term I often use to sum up what I do is Product Discovery — methods and tools to discover what’s right for your customers. The toolkit that I use differ from engagement to engagement, since I first and foremost need to consider your context, culture and organization before making recommendations. Typically, I apply methods such as:

  • Design Thinking
  • Design Sprints
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Jobs-to-be-Done
  • Service Design
  • Lean Startup
  • Agile

Outcomes that I can help organizations achieve

  • Product Development is informed by customer insight, and driven by hypotheses
  • The lead time of going from idea to validation is weeks, not months
  • The leadership team has begun to stress the importance of customer interviews, UX and experimentation
  • “Design” has become a strategic priority for the organization
  • There is a clear link between Discovery (building the right thing) and Delivery (building the thing right)
  • A new Product Strategy is aligned across Product, Design/UX and Leadership
  • Multiple new market opportunities have been explored and validated with customers

Outcomes that I can help teams achieve

  • There is alignment on tools and methods to successfully use in Product Discovery
  • Design teams are exploring multiple directions when prototyping, rather than just focusing on one idea
  • Product Owners and designers can facilitate Discovery initiatives on their own
  • A Discovery backlog is continuously groomed
  • An insight platform has been created that aggregates customer insights from usability testing, customer interviews and other sources
  • Both Quantitative and Qualitative insights are used to inform decision-making
  • User research capabilities are strengthened
  • Collaboration has improved in the team and in-between teams

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Marcus Castenfors
Marcus Castenfors
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