As a product team, you live and breathe your product. One of the hardest questions is: “Will the stuff we are working on right now be successful?” 

During this course, consisting of two full-day sessions, we will give you tools, tactics, principles and frameworks that you can use to sleep better at night. After the course, you will have more structure in how you run Product Discovery initiatives, ensuring that you’re creating something that customers love, makes money and is feasible to build.

First off, what is Product Discovery?

For simplicity’s sake, in product development, you have two engines running at the same time: Discovery & Delivery.

Discovery is about building the right product

Delivery is about building the product right

This course focuses on Discovery, the steps that you take with your team to discover what’s right for your customers, your business and the best way to build it.

We will take you through:

  • Common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Principles to successfully run Product Discovery initiatives
  • A simple Product Discovery framework that you can use during your everyday work
  • Simple Playbooks (step-by-step processes) that you can apply in your team
  • How to measure that you’re on the right track
  • How to connect Discovery and Delivery
  • Case studies from startups and large-scale organizations
  • + much more

Who is this course for?

The course is primarily tailored to product owners or product managers who create tech products. However, if you’ve another role in a product team, you will receive value from the course as well. The course is especially useful if you haven’t done that much structured Product Discovery in the past. You have heard the term, read some articles, and you are curious to get started. 

What will I learn?

The outcome of the course is that you will have applied tools, tactics and methods to start running structured Product Discovery in your team or organization.

Below are just some of the topics that we will explore:

How to facilitate Product Discovery
  • Gathering insights through user interviews
  • Creating empathy, customer journey and impact maps to visualize and distill your insights
  • Tactics to create quick prototypes
  • Testing prototypes and messaging without building products 
What to focus on
  • Aligning on goals and the right problems to solve for customers
  • Slicing Discovery to small increments
  • Measuring progress
Who to collaborate with
  • Roles in successful Product Discovery constellations
When to fit Product Discovery into your schedule
  • Connecting Discovery and Delivery
  • Using Discovery in Scrum, Kanban and other collaboration techniques


Inspiring, very hands-on and well spent money! Demystified the term “Discovery” and made it understandable for me. It is not about one big bang thing to do, but many small things in your everyday work. Most valuable – I came out with a feeling that I finally knew how to start this thing with my team! 

Jenny Halleni, Swedbank

Product Discovery book

Every participant will also receive a free copy of Martin’s and Marcus’ book about Product Discovery.


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