Why it matters

Avoid the growth trap

When growing rapidly, building competence at a faster pace than your headcount is critical to building a high trust culture.  A key ingredient is Leaders as Trainers.

Lead through others

Expect to lead people who have more detailed knowledge than you, who are strong headed in an environment which rapidly changes.

Fast decision cycles with a sense of urgency 

Fast decision cycles are essential to stay ahead of the curve

What makes this training program different

Rathern than learning one aspect of leadership, you get the essential skills to grow throughout your career.

Active Agile Leadership Skills has been field tested in fast growing organizations. Examples:
Kry (MedTech), Betsson (Sports betting), EnBw (Energy) and Allianz.
Both in and outside IT.

The Active Agile Training Philosophy is to always combine three things:


To get the Active Agile Leader Certification through this program, four conditions need to be fulfilled:

  • A certified trainer runs the training
  • You have at least 80% attendance
  • You understand the concepts and why they work
  • You have demonstrated that you can apply these concepts in your real-life workplace

Skills Modules

The training consists of 9 half-day modules over the course of two to three months. The program mixes theory and practice. At the a starting point of the program, each team or individual will select a “Change Challenge”, driving a change that matters inside their. Coupled with the training, participants can also book coaching sessions with the trainers. 

1: Agile Leadership

  • Leadership in an Agile environment
  • Leading change
  • Building the environment/system that delivers results
  • Coaching leadership
  • Self-leadership
  • Challenge: Leading a change that matters

2: Building high performance teams

  • Recognizing a high performance team
  • A leader’s role in creating the conditions where high performance teams come about
  • How to act as leader through the different phases of a team’s journey

3: Facilitating groups to make decisions

  • How to facilitate a group of strong headed people to explore relevant options and to make decisions which they hold each other accountable for

4: Flow and Systems thinkings

  • Resource vs Flow optimization
  • Lean & Agile principles
  • A3 problem solving
  • How to improve flow
  • Resolving bottlenecks
  • Challenge: Improve flow through your unit

5: Training effectively

  • Leader as a trainer
  • How to train effectively
  • Challenge: Train peers on a topic of your own

6: Decision making under uncertainty

  • How to keep up the decision pace during high uncertainty
  • Avoiding the two traps: waiting for perfect information (too slow) or relying on gut-based decision.
  • How our brain makes decisions
  • The influences of biases
  • Techniques to improve decision making in different scenarios
  • Finding hidden opportunities

7: Communicating effectively

  • Keys to effective communication
  • Brief/brief back pattern
  • How-to give and receive feedback
  • Story telling


  • 9 half-day sessions
  • Remote or in-person
  • One-on-one individual coaching

Participant quotes

“The format was fantastic, very versatile, one of the best training sessions ever.
– Werner Schäfer, Chapter Lead Digital & Marketing, EnBW

“I could use the examples in real life, really cool!”
– Katja Guiri. Brand Manager, Joyn

”Great compilation of the relevant concepts!”
– Holger Tangermann