Kanban in 30 days

Kanban in 30 days

Designed as a 30-day action plan, this book will help you understand and implement Kanban – and start seeing results – in a month.
Analyze your current situation and define your goals and wider strategic aims, and begin developing a plan to help you and your team confidently work towards achieving them. Involve your team into driving cultural change, learn how to prioritize, and organize tasks and projects to efficiently use your time and resources.
Create your own value stream map to better understand your processes and identify improvement areas, and adapt and use the features, tips, and examples to overcome challenges you may face when implementing Kanban. Pick up this book and experience the full results of this vital Agile methodology – fast.

Who this book is written for

If you want to simplify your processes, improve collaboration, and manage projects successfully, this guide to Kanban is an essential companion. Created primarily for software developers, but packed with insights and tips for anyone who understands the challenges of project management, this is your rapid route into innovative and Agile ways of working.
> Learn the fundamentals of Agile and Kanban
> Analyze your current processes and identify areas of improvement
> Develop a Kanban board to manage your projects by using and adapting the featured examples
> Develop a coherent strategy for collaboration
> Improve your processes with tips and tricks to promote efficiency > Follow each step in this 30-day plan to ensure a smooth Kanban implementation

All this in only 95 pages. The value is not the number of pages to read – it’s the number of pages you don’t need to read.

Written by Tomas Björkholm

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