This is the program for your company if you would like your team leads, scrum masters, product owners, RTEs, line managers to develop their coaching skills in the agile workplace. The program enables the people who are already embedded in the organization to help coach their teams to success.

What is a program

Programs combine theory with insights gained from practicing the theory to allow for positive learning feedback loops. We do that by spreading a 5 day workshop out over a 3 month period. We kickstart the program with a 2 day startup that allows the participants to get to know each other, clarify expectations and set their learning goals. We follow up with shorter learning labs, 3 hours every other week. We also support and coach each participant individually between each learning lab.

Expected program outcomes

  1. Developing individual Agile Coaching skills. 
  2. Building a “learning community” of Agile Coaches for sustained continued learning
  3. Each participant delivers an outcome in their organization as an integrated part of the program by leading their own change initiative within the program

Why a program and not a course? 

A course can be a great experience but it is often like going to a great movie: when the movie ends, you are back to reality and nothing has changed. You may feel inspired but you have not really changed. Lasting change in mindset and behavior requires practice over time. That is we need a program that lets you practice over time and allows you to build a community.

Why not just have external coaches?

Relying only on external coaches has its disadvantages. You miss out on the strengths of internal coaches: 

  • Agile ambassadors
  • Care about the organization and know how it works. 
  • Can catch everyday situations that need attention.

But if you only have internal coaches you miss out on the strengths of external coaches: 

  • Extensive experience from other contexts and situations.
  • Ability to speak the “truth” without consideration for the internal politics.
  • Often easier to gain trust from top management.
  • Teams and individuals stay empowered and independent since the coaches aren’t embedded.

Our recommendation is a combination of internal and external coaches. This program is designed to help you build a strong community of internal coaches.

Program Outline

Outline of learning opportunities

  • Program set-up and selection of participants
  • Start up days – an overview of what’s to come
  • Learning labs – bite sized chunks of learning where theory is introduced
  • Mentor coaching (by course instructors). Both scheduled and on-demand
  • Program buddies – participants are paired up to support each other, and to practice their coaching skills together.
  • Breakthrough project – a real change initiative providing an opportunity to continuously practice new skills and tools while adding value to the organization
  • Program close – gather learnings and results 
  • Evaluation – looking at the ROI generated with the sponsors 

Learning lab focus

The learning labs start from an individual focus, to working with teams, then practices and tools, and finally how these all fit into the big picture at the organization.

Previous results

Read the Swedbank case study to learn about the process and results.

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