Yassal Sundman

Team Coach - Agile Coach - Mentor


  • Coaching to create an environment for organizations to perform and deliver.
  • Facilitating communication and cooperation between different groups.
  • Supporting teams that need to improve their working processes.
  • Working with teams and organizations that are looking for pragmatic, context specific solutions.
  • Team coach and mentor.


  • Context specific coaching for teams and organizations.
  • Team Coach, Agile Coach and mentor.
  • Agile, Kanban, TDD, BDD, DevOps, Continuous Delivery.


  • ICF ACC coach course. LeapFrog. December 2017
  • Dave Snowden Masterclass – What’s next for Agile? November 2017
  • Coaching Beyond the Team, Esther Derby. September 2017
  • The Agile Facilitator, Lyssa Adkins and Michael Hamman. February 2017


Tech Projects


  • Git, GitHub, Mercurial
  • Jenkins
  • Akamai, Nginx, AWS, Apache
  • JavaScript (Node, Meteor, React, ReactNative), Java

Kommande kurser

Yassal Sundman
Agile Organizations Coach Teams

Du är alltid välkommen att kontakta mig för mer information om vad jag kan hjälpa er med och boka ett möte.

  • Yassal Sundman
  • + 46 (0) 76 842 6224
  • yassal.sundman@crisp.se

Luncha med Yassal

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