Become a better developer

How well are you doing the following?

  • Creating system level acceptance test cases that are readable by the PO, and executed automatically?
  • Writing unit tests before writing implementation code, and using the unit tests to drive the design?
  • Constantly refactoring your code for better readability and maintainability?
  • Sharing knowledge about your system by working in pairs and rotating frequently?
  • Using continuous deployment to automatically get the latest version of your system into the hands of real users?

These XP practices are habits of modern development, and are fundamental to succeeding with Agile software development over the long term. In Scrum, a team is allowed to choose whatever development process they like. In practice, it turns out that XP practices fill that hole very nicely. In fact, we rarely see teams succeed without them.

Doing this, however, takes discipline and practice.

This course will teach you those habits and place you in the in-crowd of today’s developers and testers. We will do this with hands-on exercises in a cloud-based environment see (Using CloudBees for teaching XP practices).

Certification: This course gives you 3 of the 5 training days needed for CSD certification. The other 2 days are fulfilled by taking a CSM course or CSPO course, either before or after this course. See here for details.

Praise from the January 2013 installment (rated 9.3 / 10 by participants)

Good job! Really liked the course content and structure and more importantly, the controversial discussions we had…”

”I’d really love if the rest of the development would try this course”.

Who this course is for

Anybody who wants to learn or get better at the technical practices of Agile software development. You will learn to deliver higher quality code in shorter intervals with more customer communication.

Learning outcomes for this course

Through a combination of demos, hands-on coding exercises, slides, and discussions, you will learn the Crisp CSD learning objectives.


  1. Basic knowledge of Java. This is not primarily a programming course, so the programming tasks will be pretty simple. If you are not primarily a Java developer, see this as an opportunity. You will work with others who are better at it, and you will learn! But make sure you at least know the basics.
  2. A CSD-ready development environment. To avoid wasting precious course time with technical setup issues, we want you to set up your technical development environment in advance, and take our CSD preparation test to prove it!

This course has already been held.

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