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Scrum in a nutshell
Worst Daily Scrum Ever


Slicing requirement for Agile success
Twenty Ways to Splitt Stories
Patterns for Splitting User Stories
Splitting User Stories, The Hamburger Method
Story Splitting Flowshart 

Definition of Ready

The Definition of Ready
The Definition of Ready and Product Canvas

User Stories and Story Mapping

User Stories
User Story Mapping

Iterative and Incremental

Incremental means adding, iterative means reworking
How to get iterative development into the backlog
Work in small batches

Ideation and Design Studio


Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas -how
Lean Canvas – why

Hypothesis and assumptions

Validation Board
Assumptions Worksheet

The PO Role

Agile Product Owneship in a Nutshell – Illustrative film by Henrik Kniberg
A Product Owner Checklist
Product Owner
 on one page
PO as a Team
Agile Project Management
An example of a discovery workshop, IDEO – The deep dive
WHY, HOW and WHAT – Ted Talk with Simon Sinek


Where to store the product backlog and the release plan
Effect Mapping
Design as knowledge Creation
10 questions to ask at the start of your next project – The Aile Inception Deck
10 Agile Contracts


Giant Ruler
Sharpie pennor perfekta för Post-it
Pilot V Board Master för white boards
Super Sticky Post-it
Index Cards 

Magnetic Tape
Magnets – rods
Magnets – spheres

Magic Chart

Index card generator for excel 


User Story Mapping – Jeff Patton

User Stories Applied – Mike Cohn
Agile Estimating and Planning – Mike Cohn

Lean Startup – Eric Ries
Don’t Make Me Think – Steve Krug, with a great chapter on User Testing

Lean Analytics
How to measure anything

Scrum & Xp from the Trenches – Henrik Kniberg
Prioritera, fokusera, leverera – Hans Brattberg, Tomas Björkholm
Kanban and Scrum – Henrik Kniberg, Mattias Skarin

Sites and Blogs

Crisp blog
– Jeff Patton’s site – PO Guru.
– Mike Cohn’s site – PO guru

Other good startingpoings

Certified Scrum Master links