Here is a link collection for those of you that have attended a Certified Product Owner class by Hans Brattberg and Reza Farhang.

The Product Owner Role

Product Owner Checklist A mind-map by Hans Brattberg that sums it up
The evolving product manager role Trends within the role of the PO
Product Owner in a nutshell By our colleague
Henrik Kniberg. Säger inget om innehållet men allt om hur man jobbar.
Agil Podden #92
In Swedish
A podcast by Hans & Reza 
How, What, and Why Ted talk for POs 


The official scrum guide  In a lot of different languages!
New changes in Scrum
2017 -> 2020
For those of you that already know scrum, but wants to know the newest changes
The Worst Daily Scrum Ever Fun and inspring!
Bygga bilar med Scrum Thought-provoking of Scrum and Hardware

More in-depth

And a now one that show how Tesla does this

What Makes Scrum Teams Effective? Scientific research on what makes Scrum work 


A Swedish Facebook forum for Product owners & agile coaches.  In Swedish

Book tip

Overview of a lot of books Lots of good books 
Jennie Discovers A comic book about how a PO could work

In Swedish, English, German, and French

User Story Mapping by Jeff Patton This is about Product Ownership in general, much more than User Story Mapping

Epic Alignment Free! 
Flow av Donald Reinertsen ”quite simply the most advanced product development book you can buy”

A fantastic book even though it is a bit old. Still relevant!
Interviewing Users:
How to Uncover Compelling Insights
Tips from our colleague Marcus Castenfors.
A Zero Bug Policy En pixi bok av vår kollega Yassal Sundman
Beyond Budgeting Agila principer inom finnans och styrning. 
Working effectively with legacy code Några år på nacken men fortfarande väldigt relevant 
Non violent communication Suveränt bok om hur man kan lära sig att uttrycka sig på ett sätt som göra att mottagaren inte hamnar i förstvars/konflikt mode. 
User Stories Applied – Mike Cohn A basic book about User Stories 
Don’t Make Me Think – Steve Krug Has a great chapter on User Testing 
Lean Analytics How to measure your product 
How to measure anything My favorite book about how to think to measure what you want to measure instead of measure what you can 
Scrum & XP from the Trenches – Henrik Kniberg The de facto “standard” of how you used to do scrum 15 years ago. But with “directors cut” comments by the author. 
Prioritera, fokusera, leverera – Hans Brattberg, Tomas Björkholm A book by me, Hans that you can use as an encyclopedia, in Swedish 
Kanban and Scrum – Henrik Kniberg, Mattias Skarin Combine Kanban and Scrum, they solve similar problems! 

Goal goals goals

Product goals in Scrum 
Produkt goal with a Canvas A more extensive one than the shorter we used in the training 
Sprint goals  Template with instructions

Hoshi Kanri X matrix The Japanese version of OKRs
How to measure anything, by ​​Douglas W. Hubbard A youtube video introduction to one of my favorite books /Hans

Outcome vs Output

Great Product Managers are “Outcome Thinkers” This is how a PO should think and work
12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory Not like this 🙂

Discovery – Experiment, assumptions, and prototypes

Martins MVP/Rat guide Different types of experiments that you should do to validate your assumptions 
The Agile Inception Deck When starting on something new bigger thing 
Prototype tools User Interface prototypes that users dare to give feedback on 
Prototypverktyg Another tool
Agile Contracts If you outsource your development or are the target of an outsourcing 
Agile Contracts, Swedish A whole site dedicated to the topic, in Swedish 

DoR och DoD

Definition of Ready  – DoR Part 1 
Part 2 
Definition of Done – DoD Understanding Definition of Done 

Ordering and Prioritization

Different strategies in how to prioritize between features


Slicing Different slicing strategies, a poster.
MVP – Minimal Valuable Product By our colleague Henrik Kniberg

Slicing Agile Requirement for Success Different dimensions of slicing

How to split user stories And another one
More inspiration And yet another one 

User Stories, User Story Map, Road Map

User Story 
User Story Mapping From Jeff Patton, the creator of User Story Map 
Story map  online tool I use User Story Map as a Road map + Keynote with release targets /Hans
User Story Map Workshop How to run a WS
Personas Introduction


Stakeholder analysis Are you new to your job? Or thinking about who to listen to and who to ignore? What is Stakeholder Analysis? | Definition and Overview
Agile contracts
In Swedish
Contracts that foster cooperation instead of requirement lists.

Can be used internally in organizations too.


Different types of communications Av Alistair Cockburn, en av de ursprungliga Agile Manifesto deltagarna,%2C%20paper%2C%20or%20index%20cards
Willo’s law How all human communication fails, except by accident,
Non-violent communication Youtube intro to the book.
How to communicate to avoid conflicts just by using the wrong words.

One of my favorite topics 🙂 /Hans
Youtube intro,



Distance – Mural A shared tool for collaboration 
Distance – Miro Another one.
I prefer Mural, due to it is not perfect, which fosters communication. Miro has a tendency to look too good /Hans
Distance – Google docs This document is written in this tool 
Sharpies, a Swedish store Excellent pens for writing on post-it notes 
Post-it, Swedish store Super Sticky 


Blink Estimation A quick and fairly accurate estimation of bigger projects and modules
Bucket Estimation How to estimate really large backlogs
Time vs Story point estimation Why Story points usually work better 

Scrum scale to multiple teams

Doing Scrum with Multiple Teams: Comparing Scaling Frameworks A comparison between different scaling frameworks, by Hans and a few more
Scaling Agile @ Spotify By our colleague Henrik Kniberg


Learnings from SAFe @ LEGO

By our colleague Mattias Skarin

Exercises and Workshops

DoD & DoR WS To do with your team so you can agree on what DoD and DoR means to you
Summer meadow The original instructions from our colleague David Barnholdt 
Snowflakes simulation Facilitating guide on how to experience scrum.
User Story Map A todo list app
Multitasking Name Game The cost of doing things in parallel

Design Studio Two different versions


Team Shape simulering The difference between functional and cross-functional teams


Drive What really motivates us
How great leaders inspire action, How, why, what Reza’s favorite

How to get rid of time reports A fun and inspiring blog
How Crisp works How we run our business without bosses

Scrum  Master things

Retro Wiki Some way to run your retros
Retrospective generator A lot of variations of your retro
Book tip
5 whys How to get to the root cause of a problem
Tech Skills Skills for the team to have in order to work with Scrum
Spotify Engineering Culture How to find alignment


Big room planning Planning as a social event
Group Genius Innovation is not a one-man show. One of Hans many favorite books 
Cynefin A model for understanding the problem domain


Penns we used during class Reza loves these!