A meet up for anyone trying to change things, trying to overcome resistance to solving business problems, and struggling to make a difference. There will be talks, conversations, and beer. We hope you will also be there.

So far we have these wonderful speakers (for more about them, click their portraits to the right):

Steve Smith, ”You Build It You Run It sounds great… but it won’t work here!”

Since You Build It You Run It was outlined in 2006, on-call product teams as an operating model has gone from being a controversial idea… to being a controversial idea. Enterprise organisations don’t do it, but they do talk about why they don’t do it:

● “It’s too expensive”
● “Developers won’t want to do it”
● “Nobody would be accountable”
● “There would be no incident management”
● “Developers would spend all their time firefighting”
● “It’s not possible to have a DBA for every team”

This talk demystifies these fears about You Build It You Run It, drawing on experiences from multiple enterprise organisations who’ve successfully implemented on-call product teams. It explains how to simultaneously achieve frequent deployments, high availability, and a high rate of learning across many teams and digital services.

Gitte Klitgaard, ”Psychological Safety is not overprotection”

Psychological safety is being able to show and employ one’s self without fear of negative consequences of self-image, status or career” (Kahn).

In Project Aristoteles, Google researchers looked into what makes a team effective and discovered that the main factor was feeling psychologically safe. Creating this workspace helps grow effectiveness, innovation, and learning.

And yet it’s importance is still debated.

Gitte takes a look into ownership of psychological safety in the workplace, how our industry is under-protected and why you need to focus on psychological safety to make your work life better and more effective.


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