This is the ”Train the trainer” class for the Active Agile Leadership Skills Program. Explore the background of the Active Agile Leadership Platform here.

In this class we won’t walk through the content in each topic in detail. The focus is rather how we teach it, in both remote and on site. We walk through the exercises, the setup, the learning points, and how to make it a great learning experience for leaders at all levels.

Thus, experience and knowledge of Agile, Lean in from the trenches is essential.

Topics covered

  • How to train and coach leaders through the program
  • Setup of training Remote and On site
  • Leadership Roles and Situations
    • Leading Change
    • Building the environment/system that delivers results
    • Self-Leadership
    • Coaching leadership
  • Building high performance teams
  • Facilitating groups to make decisions
  • Flow and Systems thinking
  • Decision making under uncertainty
  • Communicating effectively

This course is for…

This course is for you passionate about growing leaders with an Agile mindset, and will to make difference, regardless of level.


Training experience is essential to taking this course. We won’t walk thought the content of each topic in detail, (we will share it with you so you can read up on it), focus is rather how to effectively train and tech them.

Thus, experience and knowledge of Agile, Lean in from the trenches is essential.


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