One definition of software architecture is that it’s ”the bits of the system that are hardest to change”. This isn’t very helpful and also completely wrong!

In this Train the Trainer (TTT) class, we cover how to train, teach and mentor Agile architecture that enables agility. It is essentials that participants are already familiar with Architecture, Agility and Craftmanship.

Participation in this class requires special approval. Please contact the trainer.

Topics covered:

  • Training Agile Architecture
  • How architecture enables agility
  • A useful definition of “software architecture”
  • Working with architecture in an agile context
  • Important useful practices
  • The business value of architecture
  • Documenting architecture (or not)
  • The role of the architect

This workshop is for 1 day.

This class is suitable for:

  • Senior Tech Wizards with an Agile mindset that wants to run the Agile Architecture workshop


Basic knowledge of agile and good understanding of software development.


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