Are you prone to delaying all those projects you promised to complete?
Is that checklist getting just a little too daunting?

Don’t get sucked into the spiral of procrastination! Start checking off that to-do list with Monotasking!

In this simple, easy-to-follow master class, author Staffan Nöteberg shares his outstanding effective, and powerful monotasking method to help you strengthen your self-control and improve your focus on those daily tasks.

Monotasking covers six areas that help us, not only to spend our time on what’s most important, but also to feel safer and in control of our workload:

  1. Cut Down on Tasks to Do
  2. Focus on One Task Now
  3. Never Procrastinate
  4. Progress Incrementally
  5. Simplify Cooperation
  6. Recharge Creative Thinking

Topics covered

  • Short List, Panorama Que, Volunteer Hour, Self-fulfilling Tasks, Effective Meetings, and many other easy-to-use, intuitive, agile techniques.
  • How to manage when we have multiple stakeholders with too many and too diverse requests and expectations on us.
  • How to get going with big, fuzzy projects and finding the best direction on the way.
  • How to recognize our sometimes short-sighted and counterproductive task-switching, procrastination, and firefighting. And how to reverse this for the better.
  • How to keep a sustainable pace throughout our days, weeks, months, and years.

There will be both theory and many practical exercises.

Voices from previous courses

  • “Essential to get things done and effectively move our company forward.”
  • “Touches upon an important topic of modern neuroscience—that our brain is optimized for one thing at a time: monotasking.”
  • ”Jam-packed with playful explanations, tips, and techniques to help get your work-life To-Do lists shipshape and have fun while getting things done. High-Ho!”
  • “Deals with one of the evils of our time—the constant interruptions, the short attention spans, and the frazzled feeling of being pulled in too many directions.”
  • “For anyone who (like me) wants to be efficient but sometimes struggles to stay focused.”
  • “I really like how the panorama cue syncs up naturally with meetings and breaks.”
  • ”Monotasking removes EVERYTHING not strictly needed and hence becomes simple enough even for me.”
  • ”Tons of practical suggestions on how to deal with issues interfering with the ability to monotask, such as interruptions to meetings, breaking down large projects, taking walks, mind mapping and more.”

This course is for…

Do you all too often have more deadlines and commitments than what’s reasonable and long-term consistent? This course is for office and remote workers who want to learn easy-to-use, intuitive, and effective techniques to get back in charge of their day.


No prerequisites needed. If you know about GTD or Pomodoro, you may like Monotasking even more. But you don’t need knowledge in any of these methods to follow and appreciate this Monotasking course.

Monotasking book by author Staffan Nöteberg

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