Wayfinding Leadership – Enabling adaptability and distributed autonomy.

Nowadays, we come across these challenges often in our practice as well as in client organisations: 

  • Feeling overwhelmed. 
  • Caught in the middle, I have so many bosses and demands.
  • I feel a lack of support. How do I choose when everything is the highest priority?
  • How do I decide? I am supposed to have full responsibility, but I depend on others.
  • There are just too many changes going on at the same time.

Does this sound familiar?

Leaders we are often tasked to lead others through complex transformation journeys like those towards more agility, innovation, and digital.  This puts a greater demand on leaders as they have to navigate uncharted and complex terrain, made worse by the volatile and uncertain external environment.  

In this 1/2-day hands-on workshop, we will explore:  

  • The demands of leading in complexity and the three core strategies to become more effective.
    • What you can do as an individual to become more complexity fit.
    • How to harness collective intelligence and collaborate more effectively.
    • Explore new ways of organising to create environments where people have autonomy and agency and innovation, agility, etc, naturally emerges.
  • Examples from some of leading companies like Tesla, Spotify, Volvo Cars, and various FinTech and gaming companies.
  • Practical ways that you can try these approaches in your own context.

Michael Göthe and his colleagues at Crisp in Sweden have worked with some of the best Agile companies, including Spotify, King (Candy Crush), and Mojang (Minecraft), and coached many traditional companies in their Agile journeys. Crisp also has a long collaboration with the most recognized thought leaders in Agile, leadership, and organizing in complex environments. 

He will share examples of the practices, structures, and principles that enable Tesla, Spotify, and other tech companies to innovate rapidly and release complexity.

Sonja Blignaut, an internationally known complexity practitioner, will partner with Michael to share strategies to help leaders become more complexity-fit and adept at navigating uncertainty.  

This 1/2-day workshop is for you if you are interested in or responsible for:

  • Leading in complexity 
  • Leading or managing complex transformations e.g., digital transformation
  • Business agility
  • Innovation
  • Organising for adaptability and flexibility

So, you are looking for practical approaches backed up by theory to help you become more effective in complexity and uncertainty. Then this workshop is for you.


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